Award winning Wonderful Almond Cake from Mrs Gills. A truly delightful treat for almond lovers!
Wonderful Almond CakeWonderful Almond CakeWonderful Almond Cake

Wonderful Almond Cake


Our award winning Wonderful Almond Cake is a truly delightful treat for almond lovers, but has also won over many repeat customers who thought they would not like such a cake made with almonds, justifying why the Wonderful Almond Cake remains a best seller.

Made with all the finest sugar, almonds, eggs, butter and a very small amount of flour, it is baked with a layer of marzipan in the centre.

A rich cake to be enjoyed at any time, however it is also suitable as a dinner party pudding, covered with a generous amount of icing sugar and served with any fresh or stewed fruit and creme fraîche or ice cream. The 6″ (150mm) size will give approximately 8 to 10 portions, the 7″ (175mm) approximately 14 portions. This cake freezes very well.

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5″ Round, 6″ Round, 7″ Round, 1lb Loaf

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